The Last Sheriff

The story

The Last Sheriff is a futuristic western, action/adventure comic written by Chris Jenkins and illustrated by Chris Imber and David Tinto. The New Territories were once a prosperous and fruitful land, where peace, law and order stood strong with the aid of the Sheriffs help. The Great War would put an end to those times and hand control over to a corrupt organisation called The Coalition.

The story follows John H. Wilson, a former Sheriff, and the last of his kind, who chances upon Rose in peril at the hands of some local Coalition thugs. The pair join forces to escape the clutches of the villainous Coalition and set about toppling the corrupt regime and bringing law and order back to the new territories. 



The Last Sheriff proves to be glorious mix of ideas where the writing & art combo breathes life into a world that you can easily adopt along with each of those larger than life characters. The action is over-the-top in places but it’s so well timed and the story is so well structured around those set pieces that it’s a story that oozes style & intrigue in every page turn. Smart, stylish & fun to read the next issue can’t come quick enough and being able to power through the first five leaves you desperate to read the next issues and find out just where the story goes….and if that’s not evidence of a great series then I don’t know what is.
Comics Anonymous
The introduction on the opening pages is similar to an introduction to a movie, I couldn’t wait to turn the page. The pages are gritty transporting readers to the wild west, with a more modern look. The pacing works for this issue, it’s not over-worded and does not complicate the story which is pleasing. This book is loaded with action involving old fashion western shootouts. It is a lot of fun and very violent. Imber’s art makes a good book turn into a great one. It’s beautiful to look at, it gives a western genre a more modern look. Each page is heavily detailed, especially the facial expressions. You will not be sorry, do ya’self a favor you varmints and check it out!
Comic Crusaders
Reckless Hero’s The Last Sheriff manages to pull off the western/sci-fi mix flawlessly and create a book that surpasses it’s indie roots thanks to some gorgeous artwork and a compelling story. After a strong first offering this could well be a series which will have a long, and fun, ride into the sunset.
Pipedream Comics
Excellent example of how an action comic can look great when mashing it up with something. Like sprinkles on a cake! Take Western movie tropes and traipse it over a simple story of a weary hero doing the right thing. Definitely recommended, short and simple, but it really does embrace the art.


The last known surviving member of The Sheriffs, the former law and order in the New Territories. John was one of the Sheriffs in Territory 23, a rural territory bordering on the dead forest. Once the war started he left his family to fight for the freedom of the New Territories, but the war was brutal, consuming all, including John’s family. After he escaped from the slaughter of his colleagues and friends at hands of The Coalition, John wandered the wastelands; lost and without a purpose, until a chance encounter with a young woman named Rose, set him on a path with destiny to face his fears, to seek revenge from those that took everything from him and, once again, be a Sheriff.