The Last Sheriff Part 6 on Kickstarter

The Last Sheriff Part 6 has launched on Kickstarter and we’re really excited to be bringing it to the Kickstarter platform for the first time. Last year we launched Operation: Boom on Kickstarter and it allowed us to reach backers who otherwise wouldn’t know about our little comics being produced in the UK.

The comic is written by Chris Jenkins and illustrated by IDW/Marvel Action artist Davide Tinto, with a cover from Reckless Hero artist Chris Imber.

The story follows John H. Wilson, a former Sheriff, and the last of his kind, who chances upon Rose in peril at the hands of some local Coalition thugs. The pair join forces to escape the clutches of the villainous Coalition and set about toppling the corrupt regime and bringing law and order back to the new territories. Check out the trailer for the series below.

If you’re interested in backing the comic you can click here for more details.

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