Who we are

Reckless Hero was founded in 2012 to create comic art for your homes and your bodies. The early days of the business was focused on developing art for t-shirts and art prints but in early 2015 Reckless Hero published its first comic ‘The Last Sheriff’. Our company is now geared towards developing more great titles and working with a range of other stunning artists to bring vivid comic designs and stories to life.

Reckless Hero was created by the Chris Imber, Chris Jenkins and Matthew King; friends (and former band mates) for over a decade. We are active on the comic convention circuit in the UK, visiting not only the larger conventions but also the smaller events focused more on small press titles. For a full list of the events that we will be attending please visit the events page.

Chris Imber

Illustrator. Chris's work also includes tour posters and album art for bands such as Finch as well as work in the Udon Entertainment/ Capcom Tribute to Fighting Games. The nostalgia for 90’s based video games was a big influence as well as anime shows such as ‘The Guyver’ and a host of American superhero comics. Looking to creators such as Bachalo, Ramos, Madureira, Bengus and Lee, he worked tirelessly to hone his comic art skills. He has produced several pieces for the UK indie comic scene and enjoys developing his skills to hopefully ‘Level up’.


Chris Jenkins

Writer/Colourist. Chris is the writer and colourist of The Last Sheriff Series. He is also the co-writer and colourist of the Operation: Boom series. Chris found his loving of comics coming out of university and began to create comic art with Chris Imber soon afterwards, first working on band album covers, before moving onto t-shirts then taking the first steps into writing and colouring comics. His work can now be found on a number of indie titles.


Matthew King

Matt's history is a mystery.


Our creative partners

Brian Vander

Brian is a freelance artist out of Chicago. Operation: Boom #2 was his first published comic work and he takes he art to a whole new level in issue 3. You can follow this exciting new artist on social media links below.

Davide Tinto

Davide Tinto is originally from Naples, Italy. He graduated from the Art School of Cardito in 2002 before studying for 3 years at the "Italian School of Comix" in Naples. In 2010 he won first place in the contest "Imago" along with Francesca Carotenuto, with whom he formed an artistic and professional duo. Davide recently worked on IDW's Marvel Action Spiderman series.