Knights vs.Pirates

The story

On a quest from God, King Arthur has dispatched three of his most trusted Knights to search for an ancient relic that will give them the power to defend their homeland from an ancient force!

But all will not be so simple as the scourge of the oceans, Blackbeard himself, sets sail through time and space on the will of a mysterious assailant, to lay claim to histories greatest weapon and turn the tide in their own favour. As their destinies collide, who will be victorious in the ultimate battle: KNIGHTS Vs PIRATES.

Take your sword in hand and make ready for a quest that crosses the ages from writer, Jay Martin (ALV/ DOMEINION) and artist Chris Imber (LAST SHERIFF/ OPERATION BOOM) with colours from Chris Jenkins (LAST SHERIFF/ OPERATION BOOM).



A tale of time-travelling, swashbuckling and sword and sorcery, ‘Kings vs Pirates’ delivers big in both narrative and art. Jay Martin creates an interesting new take on the well trodden King Arthur legend, while artist Chris Imber dazzles with a style reminiscent of the great Joe Madieura (Battle Chasers). A big, fun high concept read from cover to cover.
Oliver MacNamee (
The new book from Reckless Hero sees them bring the trademark high impact visuals that we love in The Last Sheriff and Operation Boom!, to this unique genre mash up. Knights vs Pirates sees artist Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins teaming up with ALV writer Jay Martin for a full length graphic novel that feels like the kind of book that evolved out of a post convention beer or two. As you can imagine from the title, Knights vs Pirates is the most glorious ‘what if’ or ‘who would beat who’ kind of concept and thanks to those Reckless Hero visuals makes it into a real rip-roaring read!
Alex Thomas (Pipedream Comics)