Character Bios

Real name: Alex Darwin

Nationality: Kiwi/British

Role: Strategic Mastermind

Bio: Born in Auckland, Cap moved to Britain when he was 7 and was soon in trouble with the law, pulling off high stakes pranks on whoever he took a dislike too (including a UK MP who banned his favourite video game). He was enrolled in a military boot camp to sort out troubled young offenders. It was here that Caps unique talents were first recognised and supported. He was soon promoted into a special development programme and before long was leading a platoon of other high performing military trainees. His mischievous trait was never too far from the surface however. After a few successful tours of service Cap was given a dishonourable discharge from the military. The exact circumstances of the incident that led to his discharge are unclear, the only thing that is known is that it involved high grade explosives and over a tonne of peanut butter.

Real name: Clara Stewart

Nationality: British

Role: Cheerleader Assassin

Bio: Clara was born into opulent wealth in the English suburbs. A natural gymnast and avid equestrian, her life was idyllic until the truth about her father’s wealth was exposed. During several years on the run, Boom’s father, The Gentleman, taught her the skills to survive in his brutal world. Not happy with the gruesome facts that were emerging about The Gentleman or the person her daughter was becoming, Boom’s mother absconded with her young daughter. Despite their best efforts The Gentleman soon caught up with them and killed Boom’s mother for the betrayal. Boom was once again under her father’s tutelage. This time, however, she had one goal in mind… revenge. When the moment was right she struck, taking a blade to The Gentleman’s eye, but The Gentleman was too strong, Boom escaped and was soon using her skills as a mercenary, always knowing she had one unfinished job.

Real name: Harukio Udo

Nationality: Japenese

Role: Cyber Ninja

Bio: Udo is the tactical close weapons expert of the team and is deadly with just about anything he can pick up. His cybernetic enhancements have affected his mental state making his actions somewhat unpredictable.
Hailing from the Northern Japanese Hotoshima Clan, Mr Udo was caught up in the divisive bio-technological revolution that swept the region a decade ago. An avid supporter of the right to enhance, he was at odds with his more traditionalist clan. Friends and families were caught on different sides of an argument that led to the Feudal Mech wars. The two year long conflict was brought to a conclusion with signing of the Sydney Accords which left the country physically divided: the progressive, tech obsessed, South and the orthodox, nature loving North. During the conflict Mr Udo was exiled by his clan and has never returned to his homeland.

Real name: Henry Kiddle III

Nationality: American

Role: Engineering Whizz Kid

Bio: An electronic engineering prodigy, Kidd was destined for greatness but a racism fuelled attack on his home when he was younger left his father and brother dead and him paralysed from the waist down. After some difficult times dealing with the death of his family and his new physical restrictions Kidd took up an offer to join an MIT funded programme for children with high potential. After initially excelling Kidd, soon found the nature of the projects too restricting and quit to find his own path.
Kidd took an offer from Cap to develop tech for the team, but soon it became apparent that he had something to offer in the field and he quickly became a fully fledged member of the team.

Real name: Cassie Saryn

Nationality: Israeli

Role: Sharpshooter

Bio: Saryn’s life has been about one thing: survival. Born into a poor district of Tel Aviv, everyday was a fight to live but this made Saryn tough. National service with the Israeli army brought the opportunity of a better life for Saryn and she took it with both hands. Top in her class for marksmAnship, before long she was promoted into the Israeli special forces division and deployed into the field 6 months later. Saryn completed over a hundred missions for special forces before the death of her spotter led to saryn resigning from her post. She joined the mercenary ranks to ensure she could continue to provide funds to her mother and two young brothers back in Tel Aviv.