Operation: Boom

The story

Those who hold the power, control the world. In the near future, the world’s military has been replaced by advanced drones set to minimise the casualties of constant war between nations. The Dominion created the all-powerful Arkurus drive, capable of controlling and coordinating such a worldwide force and stored it in a top security secret facility. Using a highly skilled operative ‘Stick’ the international terrorist, known as ‘The Gentleman’ secured the device and now holds the cards in a game for power. His goal? To sell the dominions military forces to the highest bidder.

Unable to retaliate and having exhausted all options the council elect to hire an infamous band of Mercenaries who specialise in the impossible. Led by the calculating and reckless Captain the team embark on a mission to restore the balance of world military power. However, there is more to the mission than meets the eyes as for some this is a means of vindication and retribution.



"This first issue is an absolute blast to read right from the get go. I loved every insane and deranged set action piece, with their completely unhinged angles and super colourful acrobatics. Chris Imber, the artist and writer, is absolutely on top of his game and can be put up against the best in the biz in this sort of arena. The colours are bright and vibrant and are used to great effect in the vibrant action sequences (of which there are a lot!)"
Down the tubes


Real Name: Alex Darwin
Occupation: Strategic mastermind
Nationality: Dual nationality - New Zealander/British

Bio: Born in Auckland, Cap moved to Britain when he was 7 and was soon in trouble with the law, pulling off high stakes pranks on whoever he took a dislike too (including a UK MP who banned his favourite video game). He was enrolled in a military bootcamp to sort out troubled young offenders. It was here that Caps unique talents were first recognised and supported. He was soon promoted into a special development programme and before long was leading a platoon of other high performing military trainees. His mischievous trait was never too far from the surface however. After a few successful tours of service Cap was given a dishonourable discharge from the military. The exact circumstances of the incident that led to his discharge are unclear the only thing that is known is that it involved high grade explosives and over a tonne of peanut butter.