The Last Sheriff – Part 2


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This product can be purchased in both print and digital formats. The print format has the option to be signed by the writer and artist.

The Last Sheriff is the debut comic from Reckless Hero. It’s an exciting action packed adventure through a futuristic wild west. Written and designed by the reckless trio of Chris Imber, Chris Jenkins and Matthew King. Indepentently created and published.

Part 2 – After rescuing Rose from the clutches of the evil Mayor, the Sheriff and his new companion set off at full speed to try to escape the grasp of the Coalition before the full scale of the massacre at Whitechapel is known.

“Chris Imber’s pencils and Chris Jenkins’ colors really bring the gritty and crumbly notion of Whitechapel, where the book is set, to reality.” Web Geeks Network

“Excellent example of how an action comic can look great when mashing it up with something. Like sprinkles on a cake! Take Western movie tropes and traipse it over a simple story of a weary hero doing the right thing. Definitely recommended, short and simple, but it really does embrace the art.” N3RDABL3.

“The high-tech Western continues the flow from the previous issue perfectly, there is no ‘what happened in the last issue’ introduction as it is not require. Due to the superb narrative and dialogue which offer consistency making the story easy to follow. The artwork by Imber is also consistently gorgeous throughout, the action sequences and the new villains are fun to watch. This book is well worth a look, do ya’self a favor and check it out!” Comic Crusaders

If you prefer your comics digitally Part 2 is available on comixology here.

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